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Where it all began......


Steinmeier BV is a family company with a long history. The company was founded in 1947 in Waalre, The Netherlands.  


After the Second World War jobs and materials were scarce which made people very inventive. Two friends found a way to start a new business; they used the cut-out pieces of wood from the speakers produced by Philips to make the first wooden puzzles with knobs. For this reason, the first puzzles were round. The business idea blossomed into a full-fledgedfactory, which eventually offered work to more than 300 people. In peak season solely wooden puzzles were made, but in other seasons wooden cigar boxes were also produced.


In the 1970s production in the Netherlands became too expensive due to rising labour cost. Because of that the factory was sold to Fisher-Price. 


Steinmeier BV continued as a sourcing company for wooden toys and boxes. Over the years the range of products expanded from solely wooden materials to a wide variety of products such as tin, cardboard, plastic and textile products.


Because of this expansion we can offer our clients a fully completed product. Their complete product is manufactured, monitored, internally transported and assembled in the country of production by several manufacturers. This gives us the opportunity to get the best deals with the best manufacturers for the job.


Arranging all of this is our expertise and we are glad to do this for our clients.

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